Your First Chiropractic Visit

Your first visit at Family First can last between 30-45 minutes. Please bring your Manitoba Health Card with you.

Step One (Forms):

Download, print and fill out our intake form to bring with you.

Step Two (Informed consent and Fee discussion):

When you come in we will give you an informed consent form to sign and go over our fees.

Step Three (Consultation):

You will sit down with the doctor to go over your health history and concerns.

Step Four (Physical Examination):

If your case is accepted, the doctor will perform a hands-on exam of your spine and/or any area of complaint.

Step Five (Computerized Testing):

An EMG scan (to measure muscle tension and balance) and Thermal scan (to measure nerve stress to organ function) will be performed.

Step Six (X-ray analysis):

If appropriate, a set of x-rays will be taken and analyzed.

Step Seven (Paying first visit fee and booking reports 2):

After paying first visit services you will be booked for your Report of Findings to discuss your findings and options for care.

Information on Insurance and Health benefits

Questions you should ask about your coverage/benefits

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Drs. Whittaker accepts cases for AUTOPAC injury claims. There are a few “rules”
regarding claiming injury benefits:

Work Related Injuries

Drs. Whittaker accepts cases due to a work injury. There are also a few “rules”
when a person has been injured on the job.