Understanding How Nerves Work

The Body’s Natural E-mail System

Article contributed by Dr. Cheryl Langley, Marietta, GA
Did you know that elementary school teachers spend over $1 billion in the United States for their classroom supplies each year? As school board budgets continue to be slashed, personal teacher spending has gradually increased and now the average per-teacher annual expense is hundreds of dollars! A shortage of materials means a higher probability of poor performance for students. Our children’s education is suffering because of this crisis.

Since many teachers cannot afford to sustain their stu-dents’ school supply needs each year, there is a wide-spread deficit. Classrooms across the country are experiencing school supply shortages. Just as a lack of school supplies leads to poor academic performance, a shortage of nerve supply leads to poor health.

E-mails from Your Brain

Nerves are extensions from the brain that reach out into the arms, legs and every organ, muscle, tissue and cell of your body. They are responsible for supplying energy and carrying information from the brain to the body and from the body back to the brain. Just as a lack of school supplies may deprive children of the opportunity to be successful, a poor nerve supply deprives the body of necessary functions.

What exactly affects your nerve supply? Subluxation is pressure on the nerve or a misalignment of the spine. It causes dis-ease by interfering with the flow of “nerve energy” from the brain to the body’s cells. Chiropractors utilize spinal adjustments to properly realign vertebrae to remove pressure from your nerve system, which allows this master control system to return your body back to harmony and heal.

Watch your Back

Many people experience “pinched nerves” which are a type of injury or interference to a nerve or set of nerves. Many times these “pinched nerves” go unnoticed or asymptomatic until substantial deterioration has occurred. These conditions make it challenging to perform optimally. Regular wellness chiropractic care can detect and correct nerve pressure and interference long before they become problematic later in life.

Chiropractors Unite

In an effort to reduce the reliance on teacher contribu-tions, chiropractors across the country organize a school supply drive every year. We are stepping up to the plate by exchanging health services for school supplies to be donated to our local schools. We are taking a leadership role to promote physical and academic health for the children in our community. Won’t you join us by referring a friend, neighbor or family member and bringing in a donation of school supplies?