Chiropractic care of the newborn with congenital torticollis

Congenital torticollis has been estimated to affect approximately two percent of newborn infants. The frank breech birthing position has been reportedly associated with the highest incidence of torticollis, with up to 34 percent of infants born in this position being affected. The most common type of congenital torticollis is that associated with subluxation of the upper cervical spine.

Chiropractic management of congenital torticollis is primarily directed at reducing cervical spine subluxations, which have been identified as commonly present with this condition. By using a combination of spinal adjustments and craniosacral therapy, Drs. Danella & Jason Whittaker have seen rapid resolution in many cases of congenital torticollis and plagiocephaly (an asymmetrical and twisted condition of the head and face due to irregular closure of the cranial sutures, frequently occurs in con-junction with congenital torticollis).

The medical approach to a protracted torticollis is surgical intervention. While surgical intervention is typically a solution of last resort, it is frequently the only solution considered by the medical community.

Chiropractic care is considered essential to the health and maintenance of the child’s spine and nervous system. It is therefore important that the doctor of chiropractic become part of the multi-disciplinary team and that parents become aware of chiropractic management as a solution to the most common causes of congenital torticollis.