The Value Of Symptoms

The Value of Symptoms

  • Like the oil light in your car, symptoms act as a signal for the more important issue lying underneath.
  • Attaching a more accurate and resourceful meaning to your symptoms goes a long way in moving towards health and wellness.
  • This is difficult in a society where the never-ending goal is to mask, numb and cover up our bodies’ signals.

Chiropractic and Symptoms

  • During the course of your care, your sensory ability to be aware of your body will be enhanced dramatically.
  • In some cases, this means feeling worse before feeling better.
  • In some cases, this means feeling great then lousy, then great, then lousy etc…
  • Try to remember that symptoms = something must change or is changing- they can act to protect us from further damaging ourselves during the course of our healing.

Critical tip about Symptoms

  • Take stock and notice to how you feel after you eat certain foods, move a certain way…even think or feel a certain way.
  • Understand that your lifestyle and your choices (more than your genes) dictate the kind of health you will express… being aware of that and taking ownership of that is your first step towards wellness.