Ah those were the days.  The stress of exams, staying up late to finish papers, studying or sharing a pint or two with some friends.  Not to mention a steady diet of Jolt cola and cheetos.  And then there was living life financially as a student.  Holding down thankless part time jobs, staying within budget and scraping all you could for the reading week spring break down in Florida or on the hills of Banff.  Been there, done that.

 And then, I became a chiropractor.  Let me tell you if I had known back in those days what I know now……I could’ve made my life alot easier.   For instance, studies show that chronic stress physiology can lead to chronic changes in cognition (ie-make you more stupid!)- cells in the hippocampus (the part of our brain that retains facts and responsible for focus and concentration) actually shrink!

Interestingly research also shows that chiropractic adjustments has the same positive effect that exercise has on the brain (namely increasing the size of hippocampal cells).

The model is simple,
  • A healthy brain needs constant proprioceptive input and stimulation from all joints of the body (especially the spine).
  • When the spine and its articulating joints lose normal motion or position (we call this a subluxation), proprioceptive input is reduced and the brain stimulates stress centres- makes you stupid and less focused.
  • Chiropractic adjustments restore normal motion and position thereby improving proprioception to the brain and nerve function to the body.
  • Brain experiences less stress and more cognitive ability- you stay smart, sharp and stress-free.

How’s that for a sure-fire way to stay on top of your grades and experience health and wellness at the same time.
So how do you know when you need a spine and nerve system check-up?  Here are some sure fire student signs and symptoms.

  • You have a hard time focusing and concentrating for more than 10-15 mins at a time.
  • You constantly fidget or change position when you study.
  • You can’t get comfortable at all studying.
  • You are sore from your studying position either during or after your studying period.
  • You are experiencing anxiety or nervousness and can’t put a finger on it.
  • You are experiencing pain and discomfort in neck and shoulders or mid-back or lower back areas.
  • You are having headaches.

If any of these apply, call our office and take advantage of our $55 student work-up where we will thoroughly examine and assess you for subluxations and help get you back on top of your game.