Self Care Secrets

Kick Start A Healthy New You with Self Care Secrets!

Article contributed by Dr. Eric Plasker, Marietta, GA

Self-care is about taking care of your mind, body and spirit. We need to be responsible for doing things we know are good for us. These self-care secrets will help you resolve to become a healthier new you.

Book Appointments

January is the best time to start filling your health calendar. Make appointments for basic body maintenance like monthly chiropractic adjustments, semi-annual dental cleanings, annual physical exams, annual eye checks, and essential tests like mammograms, colono-scopies and pap smears.

Don’t forget to take care of all of you. Plan for any needed counsel-ing, weekend getaways, blood donations, volunteering events, health fairs, charity walks, and other activities that positively stimulate the body and soul.

Get Your ESS in Shape

Your ESS is made up of Endurance, Strength and Structure. Ask yourself if you would trust your body to take a long-distance trek in an emergency, how much you could lift if you had to, and if your structure has been measured lately.


is necessary to be able to maintain high levels of energy when your exercise. Regular exercise is an important part of self-care, and no one can do it for you. Cardiovascular exercise is very important to keep your heart and lungs healthy, to eliminate stress and to strengthen your immune system.


training can be performed in many ways using traditional weights (free or machine), or your own body weight incorporating methods such as yoga or Pilates. It’s important to meet with a certi-fied personal trainer to assess your strength goals and get lifting!


means making sure your body shape and physical frame are balanced and proportional. Measure your neck, biceps, chest, waist, thighs and calves. Is one side larger than the other? Weigh yourself with two scales, one foot on each. Ask someone to read them so you remain balanced. If you see more than three pounds difference on one side, you are placing unnecessary strain on yourself when you exercise. Over time, this can cause serious spinal injuries. See a chiropractor to get the necessary adjustments that will balance your structure.

Stock Up!

Purchase vitamins and supplements for your family. Visit your doc-tors to make sure all your prescriptions are up to date. Check the medicine cabinet. If anything has expired throw it out. Do you have enough band aids and other essential medical supplies? Make sure you have an emergency First Aid Kit in each vehicle as well.

Resolve to shop at organic grocery stores and farmer’s markets this year. The organic food industry is now a $20 billion business worldwide so you can readily find organic meats, dairy, produce, baking products, and even toothpaste at more stores than ever before. Did you know that there are more than 350 registered pes-ticides used on the food we eat? Go organic!