Over 50

“Finding the Fountain of Youth!” Science tells us that, at this stage of evolution, our bodies were designed to live to approximately 120 years… what health and lifestyle choices are you making to impact the quality of your life after 50?

Rand Study shows benefits of Chiropractic for Seniors

  • Seniors who receive Chiropractic care report better overall health, fewer symptomatic chronic conditions, less sick days in hospitals and nursing homes and more mobility than elderly non- Chiropractic patients.
  • 87% of Chiropractic patients described their health status as good to excellent.
  • The Chiropractic patients were also less likely to use prescription drugs and more likely to exercise regularly.


Maximize Your Potential

Your body has an incredible natural ability to heal itself and maintain the highest level of function over the course of your lifetime as long as there is no interference. Your body naturally produces cortisone to reduce inflammation, endorphins to alleviate pain, and cancer and bacteria killing agents to fight of disease. It knows exactly the right quantities of these chemicals to produce at exactly the right time for your body’s greatest benefit. Chiropractic adjustments remove any interference to this natural healing ability, as it occurs in your spine, so that your nerve supply functions at its highest potential and you live your life to its fullest potential… regardless of your age!

Keep Small Problems From Growing Large

Throughout the course of your life, you will be exposed to viruses, illness, and injuries that will cause your body pain and produce interference with its natural functions. This is unavoidable! However, your healing time will accelerate if your body is being kept in optimal alignment. Chiropractic corrective and wellness adjustment plans can keep you functioning at your full potential and prevent small problems from becoming large ones.

Adaptation to Stress

We live in a fast paced, hi-tech, stress filled world that can leave you behind if you haven’t planned ahead. Chiropractic Active Life Plans keep your body at its best helping you ward off “dis-ease” and the destructive powers of stress before it has an impact on your health and quality of life.