Family First Nutrition

There is an expression that says “you are what you eat”. How true. What you choose to feed yourself and your family goes a long way towards achieving your health and wellness goals.

Wellness is often confused with being “symptom-free.” In other words, if we are not sick or hurting at the present time, then we must be well. The flip side to this is the crux of the wellness misconception. People have been indoctrinated into believing that f they feel a symptom, if they feel hurt or ill, then they should take a drug in order to remove the symptom, so they can be “well” again. In fact, these days, people can receive a prescription without a face-to-face examination. With the number of drug interactions and side effects, this seems absolutely ludicrous to me.

The truth of the matter is that wellness is very different from being symptom-free. Wellness is a way of life. Wellness means you are insuring your body for the future. Wellness means you, the owner of your body is the one in charge of keeping it working at its optimum ability. It means eating properly so as to achieve and continue ideal nutrition, as well as to reverse or avoid being overweight. It means exercising regularly so our cardiovascular system and muscles stay strong. It means embracing a proactive approach to your health care that includes preventative measures such as chiropractic care. It means we get enough sleep and relaxation time. It means that we take precautions to avoid high levels of stress.

Wellness is a multi-faced concept that perhaps may appear to be complicated, however, the long term benefits are so important and worthwhile, that the time to start is now. If you haven’t already, why not turn over a new leaf and adopt a wellness lifestyle. Avoid waiting for symptoms to appear and looking for a drug to remove the symptom. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid the symptom in the first place!

At Family First Chiropractic & Wellness we are not only your chiropractor, but your wellness coach. One of the ways we help you achieve your goals is by helping you make the right nutrition choices for your family. For some people that means learning to choose a better quality and diversity of foods; for others that means finding the right supplement to complement your diet. We are all different beings with different needs and different goals. Start by asking yourself… what do I want my quality of life to be like 5, 10, 20 years from now. Then give us a call & we will help you get there!