More Info On Ear Infections

Ear Infections? Wait, and See Your Chiropractor! A recent article on Yahoo! News suggests that when your child has an ear infection, it’s better to wait a few days to see whether symptoms can improve before beginning a course of antibiotics.

According to the article, waiting appears to be a practical way to reduce the use of antibiotics, as demonstrated in a recent UK study. The thought is that waiting may help prevent the overuse of drugs, and may also prevent bacteria from becoming resistant to antibiotics.

The article states that physicians often complain that parents pressure them to prescribe antibiotics, (it’s always your fault) yet the article also points out that most parents in the study were satisfied with a “wait-and-see” approach for treating common ear infections. According to the UK study, the wait-and-see approach resulted in a 76 percent reduction in the use of antibiotic prescriptions.

The article states that each year millions of children are prescribed antibiotics to treat middle ear infections, but the evidence that the drugs speed a child’s recovery is “mixed.” Not only that, these drugs have side effects such as diarrhea, who wants that? Let’s not forget that the widespread use of prescription drugs is assumed to be increasing the risk that bacteria will become resistant to antibiotics.

The wait-and-see approach may be darn good advice. While your waiting, maybe you and the family should head on down to the chiropractors office. You won’t have to worry about any antibiotics or drug resistant bacteria there.

For many families that have their children under chiropractic care, it’s the pediatricians who end up waiting. They wait and wait and wait, and wonder why the parents have not returned for the drugs they were demanding.

You are probably wondering how a chiropractor can help ear infections. Well… Let me start by saying that a chiropractor does not diagnose or fix problems. What we look for is called a subluxation. Which is an interference to the normal flow of information throughout the nerve system. The nerve system works very much like the electrical breaker in your home, if it gets too much input it overflows and blows. The problem is that the nerve system is connected to every cell, organ and gland in the body. In this instance the ear, ear drum and ear canal. It even controls the normal functioning of the immune system. So if this communication system is interfered with in anyway the body begins to break down and build itself sick. The cells of the ear, ear drum or ear canal then do not get the information required from the brain for optimum functioning and then become the perfect home for bacteria, thus creating an ear infection. Now instead of taking antibiotics to kill the bacteria, wouldn’t it make more sense to correct the reason why they are there in the first place?

Once we find the subluxation, we would correct it by doing a very gentle chiropractic adjustment using our hands or an instrument called an activator. So by removing the interference to the nerve system the body can then heal itself without the need for drugs or surgery.