Making Wellness Work

Making Wellness Work

Are you following through on your chiropractic health and fitness program?

Article contributed by Dr. Peter A. Gratale, Teaneck, NJ

Staying regular with a chiropractic care program is very similar to maintaining a consistent exercise rou-tine. One of life’s greatest challenges is how to maintain our mind, body and spirit in the best possible working condition so that we may enjoy normal function and experience quality of life. Nothing helps us achieve this healthy state better than the natural combination of lifetime chiropractic care and consistent physical exercise.

The improvements to health afforded by a chiroprac-tic wellness lifestyle are so significant that if a drug were invented that could achieve the same results, it would be a super, blockbuster, best seller. Alas, no such magic pill exists.

Following a chiropractic wellness and fitness program means that you are proactively doing something to enhance and optimize your health and vitality. We all get off track at times and fall off the wagon, espe-cially when our lives become hectic and burdensome. But there is hope. There are strategies to help us maintain our chiropractic fitness lifestyle!

The January 2005 issue of Consumer Reports maga-zine reveals the results of a groundbreaking survey of 21,150 of their readers. Successful exercisers re-vealed how they fit workouts into their busy schedules day after day. With these simple strategies, most of us can do what all of us know is good for us. I’ve ob-served that some of these same strategies will help you fit chiropractic check ups and adjustments into your hectic schedule. Give them a try.

Start living healthier today!!!