Grandparents Leave Legacy Of Health

Article contributed by Dr. Kevin Joe, Fullerton, CA

Elders have long been revered within societies for their innate ability to guide younger members of the community toward health growth. Grandparents in particular possess a sense of optimism, spirit of kind-ness, and true wisdom that has been treasured by many

This position of respect was officially honored in 1978 when U.S. President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the first Grandparents Day. He chose for the holiday to be
observed on the Sunday after Labor Day since September would signify the “autumn years” of life.

Consider celebrating Grandparents Day with your family this year. Arrange a special visit for your chil-dren to visit with their grandparents. Send or person-ally deliver a meaningful gift or card, especially a homemade offering, to your own grandparents. If you don’t have grandparents anymore, adopt a pair! Visit a local nursing home or befriend an elderly neighbor.

Grandparents inspire self-preservation in their fami-lies. They teach their children and grandchildren how to invest money, how to raise families, how to love others and how to practice smart health habits.

When grandparents honor their own bodies with wise health choices such as regular chiropractic care and exercise, their families are more likely to live by their example and observe such practices in likeminded

As we get older, our need to maintain good health
becomes even more important…not only for our-selves but for those who depend on us, for those who love us and want us to be there. I have seen too many aged people suffering with bent over spines struggling to get through their last years.

Healthy spines lead to healthy muscles, organs and
systems in the body which are critical for good health and increased longevity. Healthy grandparents lead to healthy children and healthy grandchildren.

Chiropractic adds years to your life and quality to those years as well. Some of my greatest professional
satisfaction comes from adjusting older patients who value their health enough to make self care a priority.

The official flower of Grandparents Day is the Forget-Me-Not. Let’s remember grandparents this month in a special way.