Enjoy Happier Holidays

Enjoy Happier Holidays

By reducing stress with these jolly ideas

Article contributed by Phyllis Frase, Philips, WI

In the midst of the winter holiday season, you may find yourself beginning to feel overwhelmed with parties to plan, cookies to bake, trees to decorate, gifts to wrap, relatives to entertain, and perhaps even school exams to pass. For some people, the season that is supposed to be jolly has become the season to be dreaded.  How can you spread good cheer and enjoy memorable moments with the ones you love if you are stressed out?

Holiday stress can come from overeating, under ex-ercising, changing your routine, and trying to meet the deadlines of these special days.  This extra pres-sure can really take its toll on your health especially when your spine and nerve system have pressure from subluxations, which make it difficult for you to cope.  To truly enjoy the holidays you must have your health, so it is more important than ever to maintain your chiropractic routine to keep your mind and body strong.  You can optimize your health with good nutrition, adequate sleep, and exercise along with your chiropractic care.

Here are some additional ideas for making this holi-day season your best ever:

• Practice living in the moment by savoring the little things in life. Stop and smell the pine boughs or give a kiss under the mistletoe.

• Try some new recipes and enjoy the process rather than aiming for perfection.

• Play, since the holidays are not only for kids.

• Show kindness to others.  Do an unexpected favor for someone, hold the door open or buy a lonely acquaintance lunch.

• Turn off the TV.  Instead, have a conversa-tion, read a book or listen to music.

• List the things that make you happy, includ-ing aspects of your home and family, and re-peat the list to yourself each day.

• Resist the urge to judge or criticize your rela-tives…and yourself.

• Relish the beauty and sounds of nature. They will make your heart sing with joy.

• Donate a toy in our Toys for Tots holiday program and invite your family and friends to do the same.  This way you can combine the gift of health with helping a deserving child.