Chiropractic and Constipation?

It is not uncommon in our office to have a parent talking excitedly in our reception area about how their baby or child hadn’t had a bowel movement in days and they brought their child in for an adjustment and has been pooping ever since. Am I here to tell you that chiropractic is the cure for constipation? No. In a case like this we likely found a subluxation (a misalignment of the spine which affects the nervous systems ability to carry signals from the brain to various areas in the body) in the lumbar spine which affected the nervous system control of the colon or intestines. With a simple chiropractic adjustment we restored normal motion to the spine and therefore normal nerve system control of the intestinal system.

Case Studies

Case study: the effect of chiropractic care on an infant with problems of constipation. Marko, S. Chiropractic Pediatrics Vol. 1 No. 3 Dec. 1994.

Infant began having constipation at age 6 months when solid foods were introduced. In order for her to have a bowel movement she had to be in a warm bath with her legs up and her abdomen massaged. At one point, the baby actually became impacted and emergency care was needed. Was not uncommon for her to go a week to ten days between bowel movements. After the second chiropractic, adjustment patient had a bowel movement all by herself. Within two weeks began having regular bowel movements by herself every two or three days. At 23 months, the patient began to walk and she has at least one totally normal bowel movement every day.

Other Publications

Expect a miracle. Kendzior AT, Sarasota, FL. ICPA Newsletter Jan/Feb 1998

“My son took a serious fall as a baby and immediately stopped having bowel movements. After months, I was told that we might need to do an exploratory surgery to determine if there was a blockage. I had been trying to adjust him, but was not sure what I was feeling. Dr. Larry Webster examined him, adjusted him and taught me how to locate subluxations in a baby’s lumbar spine. It was miraculous, the next day he started having normal bowel movements. This miracle response to an adjustment I now know is very common in kids. This same child started severely stuttering at the age of two. This was correlated to his fall. Finally, I attended another course with Dr. Webster who shared with me the Webster Cranial Technique. He assured me that it had helped children with stuttered speech, epilepsy, and learning disabilities. He advised me that before my son got better he might appear worse, but within two weeks he would stop stuttering completely. Sure enough, two weeks to the day that I started adjusting him, he stopped stuttering. This was a child who previously repeated a word twenty times and then, frustrated, gave up.