Chiropractic Neurology

What is Chiropractic Neurology?

Chiropractic neurology comprises the evolving body of knowledge and clinical approach concerned with the recognition, analysis and conservative  care of abnormal function within the human central nervous system(CNS) including the brain.  Those that practice Chiropractic Neurology are like non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical “brain care” practitioners.  Often, chiropractic neurologists will work in collaboration with other practitioners for the best interest of their patients.

The clinical application of chiropractic neurology focuses on the health of each of the components which comprise the brain and nervous system including specific networks and regions of the brain, it’s numerous circuits and pathways and of course the basic building block of the CNS, the neuron.  The chiropractic neurology approach uses the natural phenomenon of


To create positive change in targeted functional areas of the CNS.

What types of patients can a Chiropractic Neurologist work with?

Understanding how Chiropractic Neurology works

The brain is the central command centre for all functions of the body.  Therefore, a highly functioning brain leads to a highly productive and appreciative life.  You are your brain; the health of the brain dictates everything about you.  It is vital that neurons get adequate fuel (oxygen and nutrients) and stimulation for the brain to function optimally.  A functional neurological assessment can determine the specific needs of each individual with regards to where the problem lies.  Then, a customized program is implemented to drive positive neuroplastic changes within the person’s CNS.  These therapeutic applications may include but not limited to;

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