Breech Turning

Pregnancy —Breech Turning

When a baby is in a breech (not head down) position most doctors only offer painful and sometimes risky external version as the only option to turn a baby. If that fails a dangerous and invasive c-section is the most common course of action. “A cesarean section should be the absolute last resort,” says Dr. Whittaker. “There is a safe, gentle and effective technique that is used right here in Winnipeg that has proven to be 95% effective for the past decade” adds Dr. Whittaker. “By reducing the need for c-section, we are reducing the risk for mother, baby and health care provider.”

Breeched and Properly Positioned Baby

In the case that your baby is in a breech position, the Webster’s breech turning technique or the newly developed Bagnarol technique can be applied to naturally and harmlessly turn your baby.

This technique has a 97% success rate and can be used at any time. The sooner it is used the better chance of its success. It involves adjusting the pelvis and relaxing some of the ligaments to allow the maximum amount of room for the baby to turn around. It is simple and effective!

If you are not in our area and would like the name of a chiropractor trained in the breech turning technique in your area please feel free to call and we will happily give you a referral. Call our office today! 204-254-1313