Antibiotic Alternatives

Oh no, it is 3 a.m., someone is sick, or has a fever. What should I do instead of running for the bottle of Tylenol or the prescription of antibiotics?

Don’t panic. Keep in mind that it is very important for your child to get sick as a child. Learning to fight childhood infections strengthens there physical and emotional bodies. The best thing you can do for you sick child is to do nothing. Give them love, support, and comfort. If you do this, they will rarely get sick, and they will recover fast.

Bring your child in for an adjustment as soon as possible. An adjustment will boost the immune system, help rebalance the body, help reduce the fever, and help them to feel better quicker. Please call me at home if you are worried 204-254-1313 (even if it is after hours and you don’t want to bug me). You own the book Smart Medicine for A Healthier Child. Pull it out and look up the problem and pick your remedy. This book can help you understand and navigate yourself through almost any health crisis. It can help you choose which remedies to give yourself or your child. Remember, it is often best to give nothing and let the illness run its natural course!

Please don’t interfere with your child’s wisdom…let them run a fever. In 2004, the average child’s fever was 104º or higher. Your child is not dying…they are burning off the invading virus or bacteria. Keep them warm, but you can cool the feet/ legs with a cloth if the fever gets really high. Let them rest and give them lots of fluids. Breastfeed as much as possible if still nursing.

Create a healing environment. Dim the lights, get out a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, light a beeswax candle (it purifies the air), put on soft music, cuddle with them, put a drop of tea tree oil under the nostril or rub on the chest to help with breathing, keep the stimulation very low. Give them a bath with Epsom or sea salts. You can add soothing essential oils such as lavender or tea tree oil. Avoid a bath if the fever is high.

Feed the immune system, starve the pathogen. Eliminate all wheat, dairy, citrus, and sugars from the diet until the symptoms are gone (or better yet, always). This includes things like milk, orange juice, sugary cereals, ginger-ale, jell-o, Popsicles. Give your child lots of water, hot water with lemon, diluted sugar-free fruit juices, homemade soup broths, vegetables, spelt toast, or whole grains. They will eat when they are ready, don’t push it.

Allow time for an illness to run its course. Don’t rush your child off to school or day care until they are back healthy (this might mean they should be home a week or more). I know, inconvenient but necessary. Sickness is often a sign from our bodies that it is time to slow down, cleanse, and rest. If you push them back too quickly they will end up sick again very soon.